How to identify top performing car polishing machines

Car polishing is very important and goes a long way in making you car look newer and more attractive. It enables you to remove any paint defects or mask scratches, acid rain etches and stone chips. However, you have to be very careful when you are choosing a car polishing machine. You can get the work done to perfection only if you have a top performing machine. Most people are faced with the challenge of how to identify top performing car polishing machines.

Below are things you should consider to get the best machine to make your car shine.

1. Check the speed of the machine

hgsd76sjhsdsdsThe best car polishing machine is one that has a high range of speed. A range of 1500 to 7000 cycles is very reliable but if you get a machine with a higher range, do not hesitate to buy it since the higher the range, the better. Variable speed allows you to tackle any task at hand, even when you are polishing delicate parts of your car such as the hood.

2. Look for a machine that is dual action

If you want a top performing car polishing machine, you should consider getting one that is dual action. Dual action implies that the machine rotates and at the same time the head moves forward and backward. This mechanism is gentle on your paint and provides a streak free shine, thereby giving you an amazing finish to your car.

3. Handle

The handle is very important for a car polishing machines. A poorly fixed handle can be disastrous, and can heavily damage your car. For a top performing machine, the handle should be easily adjustable to be perpendicular or flat to the body of the machine. This will make it easier to polish your car at various angles. Moreover, you should consider a machine whose handle is fully reversible and sculptured with rubber. This will be able to satisfy both right and left handed users and also ensure that you get maximum comfort and a soft grip when you are doing your polishing.

4. Motor

hjddfyufddfFor a high-performing car polishing machine, you should consider one with a 10-12 Ampere motor. Such a motor provides power that you would need to complete your ask. However, you should also be careful when you are choosing a polishing machine that has a high rating because it produces a lot of heat. For this reason, you should also ensure that the machine heat treated gears that will be able to effectively dissipate excess heat.

Are you looking for a top performing car polishing machine? Try the above tips and you will surely get the best machine.

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