Fuel injector cleaner – Choosing the best among the best

Fuel injector additives have become popular because of their great effects on vehicles. Most of the time, cleaning the fuel injector is one of the things that are neglected in tuneups for automobiles. It could be because it is costly to replace or clean the system itself, not to mention the amount of time that you have to spend to disassemble the fuel injection system. But don’t you know that, nowadays, you can simply purchase a bottle of fuel injector cleaner and pour it into the gas tank yourself?

The best fuel injector cleaners

gasgfasgfasgasIf you want to know the best fuel injector cleaner, here’s the best fuel injector additives for 2016: Liqui Moly Jectron Fuel System Cleaner, BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner, Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner, Lucas Fuel System Cleaner, and Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner. All of which have their advantages over each other. Therefore, when you are looking for the best fuel injector cleaner for your car, you have to do your homework. Take a few minutes to do research.

How to choose the best fuel injector cleaner?

Typically, all fuel injector cleaners work the same way. However, there are also differences, and these are the things that you have to contemplate on to make sure that you choose the best among the best.

Take a look at the following.


Just like any line of products in the marketplace, a brand of fuel injector cleaner may be more expensive than the others. If you review the different brands available, you will see that that the products that are made in Germany are most likely to cost more than those from the US and Asia. But then, when looking at the prices of the various fuel injector cleaners, make sure that you also consider their potency. After all, what matters most is how the brand can actually affect the overall performance of your vehicle.


hgsahgashgashgasAlthough the fuel injector cleaners work almost the same way, they may still differ when it comes to potency. This is one of the most important factors that you have to look into when choosing the best one. The cleaning ability of the fuel injector cleaner would greatly depend on its potency. Therefore, you have to select one that has the highest.

If you want to make sure that you choose the best among the best fuel injector cleaners, review each one of them thoroughly and make a comparison.

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4 Priceless Tips On How To Buy Used Car

Buying used cars is an exciting experience just as purchasing a brand new model.


Used cars are often the best values that you will find in any market dealing with automotive.

Apart from being sold at a lower price, you will also access lower insurance and lower taxes for continuing ownership.

Furthermore, purchasing a new car is the best way to get a nice car model than you would you would be able to afford a new one.

Unfortunately, the process involved in purchasing a used car can be as complicated as identifying the car model that suits you best.

Therefore, here are four priceless tips on how to buy used cars.

1.Create a target list of used cars

car-172905_640 It is advisable to buy a second-tier car from a reliable manufacturer to save money.

Therefore, it is crucial to come up a target list of at least four different car models that meet your needs, fully suit your lifestyle, and fall in your budget.

Furthermore, you can also consider the option of purchasing a certified pre-owned (CPO) car which is more famous due to the simple process of buying them.

2.Check the used cars prices and reviews

It is important to check the prices before going for the actual purchase of a used car.

With the high number of internet platforms offering car reviews, you can be able to research and identify that used car that entirely fit into your budget but is high quality.

Most people are willing to share their experiences which can help you make the right buying decision.

After checking some reviews, you will be able to identify one used car that is not only being sold at a price that fits your budget but fully suits your needs.

3.Contact the seller

After identifying the best car to purchase, communicate with the seller.corvette-171422_640

The seller will give you more information concerning the car which might not have earlier identified.

This is the best chance for you to question the seller and verify all the information regarding the car.

If, after getting all the relevant information from the seller, you still are interested in purchasing the car, you can ask for a test-drive to be sure that the car is in an excellent condition.

4.Negotiate and close the deal

In most cases, negotiating with a used-car salesperson takes longer and could be stressful unlike negotiating with the private-party seller which is more relaxed and quick.

After reaching a consensus with the seller, you should make the payment only after the seller has transferred the car registration and title to you.

Therefore, this is the final step on how to buy used cars.
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How Much Is Car Insurance Per Month

How much is the car insurance per month?

First, most car insurance usually set their payment plans from a period of 6 months to a year.


However you are not limited to this period and you can always arrange to have a monthly payment plan with the insurance company.

If you opt for monthly payment plan, then you can be able to easily estimate you average monthly insurance cost.

Depending on the premium policy that you wish to take, your average monthly insurance cost should be around $100 to $200.

Factors Considered

car-49278_640Though the average monthly insurance cost for your car should be around $150, there are several factors that the insurer will take into account.

Depending on the factors considered, your monthly car insurance cost may be less or more than the general average of $150 per month.

Here are some of the key factors considered;

· Age

When it comes to age, car insurance tends to consider charging higher rates for young drivers who are in their youthful age.

While older drivers will pay less as they are considered to be more careful as compared to young drivers who can easily over speed.

· State

Premiums rates charged by different states tend to differ.

The difference comes about because of the uniqueness of each state when it comes to type of risks and regulations on car insurance.

However the difference in cost is minimal for most state.

· Make and model of the car

Generally a car that is luxurious will attract high premium rates because of the high cost value of the car.

For car that is still new in the market they usually tend to be expensive and this means that the insurer will also charge higher rates base on the value of the car.

· Driving Recordcar-161770_640

Having a poor driving record will show the insurer that you are at high risk of causing a car accident and the insurer would not hesitate to charge you with higher premium rates. For a driver with good record, premium rates will tend to be cheaper.

· Type of Policy

There are several types of car insurance policy available and they all vary on what they cover and also how much rates they each attract.

Now that you have an idea of factors that are considered in determining the premium rates charged, you can be able to know how much is car insurance per month for your car based on the factors talked about.

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